How do i live                                           如何                              

How do I,                                         我如何

Get through the night without you?      能在沒有你的陪伴下度過長夜

If I have to live without you,               如果我沒有你

What kind of life would that be?           那生活將會失去一切意義

Oh, now                                             我現在

I need you in my arms                          多麼希望你能在我的臂彎

need you to hold                                 多麼渴望躲在你的懷中

You're my world, my heart, my soul         你是我的心魂,我的全部

If you ever leave                                 如果你必須離開

Baby you would take away                   那麼請你帶我一起

Everything good in my life                     一切才會完美

And tell me now                                     請告訴我

How do I live without you?                      沒有了你,我該如何活下去

I want to know                                      我希望知道你的答案

How do I breathe without you?                沒有了你,我該如何呼吸

If you ever go                                       如果你選擇離去

How do I ever, ever survive?                     我將從這一刻起,喪失生命
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?         我將永遠永遠無法獨活

Without you                                           沒有你

There'd be no sun in my sky                      我的世界將失去光熱

There would be no love in my life               我的世界將斷絕情愛

There'd be no world left for me                  我再也沒有活下去的意念

And I                                                      如果我

Baby I don't know what I would do               不小心遺失了你

I'd be lost if I lost you                               那麼我將會不知所措

If you ever leave                                     如果你必須離開我

Baby you would take away                       那麼你將會帶走我全部所有

Everything real in my life                      

And tell me now                                       請告訴我

How do I live without you?                         沒有了你,我該如何活下去

I want to know                                        我希望知道你的答案

How do I breathe without you?                  沒有了你,我該如何呼吸

If you ever go                                          如果你選擇離去

How do I ever, ever survive?                     我將從這一刻起,喪失生命
How do I, how do I, oh how do I live?         我將永遠永遠無法獨活


If you ever leave                                       如果你決定離開

Baby you would take away                         請你帶走我全部的愛

Everything   need you with me                   

Cause you know                                        因為你知道

That you're everything good in my life           你是我生命中的最愛







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